Monday, 14 May 2012

Inner Voice

Building bridges may seen easy to you
This may seem easy to do
But to much water has gone under this bridge
Feels like it has been carrying to much heritage

History has a way of repeating itself
People have a way of doing such things
Makes you wonder why and what it is about
Why do these things
Why not just let it out

Passing along pathways
Crossing roads never gone down before
Opening up doors never opened once more
As your eyes see all that’s is before them
Hold out your hands and embrace what is there

Open up your heart to those who care
Live and let live
Is how others should see
Let people be who they want to be

We are gentle shoots
Waiting to grow into beautiful flowers
We are not wasted in the grains of dirt
We have the ability do be who we want to be

Just have confidence in yourself
Don’t shy away from life itself
When a door closes another opens
Things happen for a reason
Don’t question just try to reason
Some times there is just no pleasing

Give that all you can
Be all you can be
Be true to yourself
Live life for you
Do what it is that pleases you

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