Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Jumping Fences

When all else failed
And nothing ever worked
On her friend she could count
Her beloved horse

His black mane and coat
Was as dark as coal
He had one stripe of white along his nose
This was his mark

She held her head down
And whispered to him
I know I can tell you anything
You understand

Brushing his mane
With her soft gentle hand
Her dress she wore
Was long and red

It was separated with a white ribbon
Her hair was brown and curly
With a plait down the middle
Her eyes was full of happiness

For she was with Dante
He was her one and only true friend
She groomed him and took him to the field
Riding him like the wind

He jumped fences
As high as he could
She was jolted back and forth
She was loving it was in her blood

When evening fell
And rolled in to night
She kissed him farewell
Dante bowed down to her as she left him
He graced her kindness
He had taken her out of her shell

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