Saturday, 26 May 2012

Love found Him

Looking around in the crowd
Thinking things over
He wanted to see her over
He looked as far as the mountains line

No where was she
He turned away
He wanted her to know
He loved her and wanted to show her

He knew she would someday come his way
In time things would fall into place
It was if love would finally find them both
He waited for his ship to come in

He wished this for them both
Showing her his dreams
As he drew them in the sand
Grasping it the with both hands

Finally his ship did come in
She found his message in a bottle
That had washed up near the strand
She took this tired hurt
Broken hearted man by the hand

His face was alive again
She was watching him
He made her complete
He was her inner belief

Years passed by
They remained the same
Dedicated to one another
Never separating again 

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