Saturday, 26 May 2012

Making your mind Up

We are told that we are protected by law
We are promised that things will not change
Not knowing what to do
People have no proper knowledge
No clue

Give up all
Give in
Leave your old ways behind
Leave them tied up
We won’t misguide

Pass this now
Say yes
And cut your own throat
We will not invest

This is what they say
Say no
Please leave us now
Leave us so

We have made up our minds
But persuasion is on their desks
Pushing leaflets through doors
Words of incompetence

Digging an even bigger hole
We will have no decisions clearly
Work jobs and prospects
Will be the changes you will see

Tell us when and where
We will be on the run
No life with family
No home no income

Poor decisions have been made
By all these parties
Listening and reaching for inspiration
From other countries

Why on earth was this let happen
Celtic tiger me eye
Building bigger nations
From the peoples back and economy pie

Social stratification leave us alone
We have had enough interference
We want to have our own homes
Food on the table
Smiles on our children’s face
Not to be pushed into a decision
It is a disgrace 

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