Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Natures Glove

Marigold and primroses
Stand in the way
Of wishing me to not want
To travel through the grassy bank of field

Hold me back from entering this entrance
Beauty catches my eye
Colours so beautiful and mesmerising
They blow my mind

Flickering of tiny wings catch the back of my neck
Click click clicking goes the sound from the wood
As breeze rushes through uneven branches of half leaved spurt
Animals crawl within to keep themselves safe and sheltered from the rain

As vines make way
For us to view
All that’s in store
All that’s new

Pathways of stones that grip
Our shoes and feet
Holden a grasp of nature’s glove
That also fits

Applause of feathers and banter of birds all around
Holding back as we come towards them
As if not to get our attention
They stand still

As we brake away from this beauty of untold curiosity
We wish to find some honey from the bee
So let it sleep for the night
In the morning bring its light
Your eyes have captured images of delight  

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