Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Picture Perfect

If beauty was a picture
Then you are it to behold
Your tender eyes touch and reach out
Your smile is soft and has stories to be told

As you gaze out through the window
Your memories flood right back
The times of who you were then
Trying to hold them together
To remember and keep track

Whispers of the shadows
Flow back in your mind
The ghosts of yesterday
The ones you left behind

Are haunting your very thoughts
You try to force them still
Some give you pimples and chills
Let them all out now
For they have been held off for far to long
Keeping them bottled up
Not knowing what went wrong

Knowing what you knew then
What you know right now
Understanding more of life
You can’t let this rule your life
Do not let it take over don’t allow

As the clouds cover the sheet of blue
As darkness falls again
Do not worry of who you were
Back then
This is your time
Claim it back for you

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