Monday, 21 May 2012


Reflections of baby blue
Pink horizons shelter the skyline runway
Beautiful sunshine fills yet another day
Mouth watering images steal your heart
Looking at this beauty
We are worlds apart

Dusted shoreline
Is filled with trees
Stony border works in harmony
Charcoal colour of steamy black
Hidden behind is an old run down track

Stepping stairs of rustic brown
Steeple chasers hang and stare
Running along a lonely line
House over looks from way up high

Staring up wishing to live there
Up on this mountain
In the middle of no where
Tipping of fish open mouths hit the surface
Of tempting thirst fondness

Scraping slate of cracked grey
Columns of statues situated in perfect precision
Looking as tough they have been collision
Caves open up of stories untold
Harnessing its energy in a mould

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