Friday, 11 May 2012

Run Away

Running away
Seemed so good that day
Hiding where no one would find her
No one would care

As time past by no one came
She wondered what was taking them so long
She wondered where she belonged
Not knowing what was out there for her

Help me she was crying out for help
Felt like she had been pushed to the back of life’s shelf
Make them want me
This will work
But where are they now that she was gone
Little did she know?
That they were crying and looking for her everywhere

Sitting by the river underneath and empty tree
This tree resembled her feelings indeed
Nothing left inside or out
She wanted to scream out and shout

As she decided to do
A passer by heard her cries
What is wrong my dear?
The gentle voice said
It can’t be that bad
As she lay into this person
She told them of her worries

They said she should tell her mum and dad of what she is feeling inside
She said she couldn’t they wouldn’t understand
Maybe they would said the stranger as she held her hand
She assured the girl all will be well

So as they went to knock the door
Her mother answered and raced across the floor
I’m sorry my dear we didn’t mean to ignore
We were so worried about you
As they walked in through the large black door
I’m sorry to mum and dad
I didn’t mean to make you sad
I know I was wrong and I was bad
The stranger made me realise and come back

What stranger there is no one there?
Look as she pointed
She realised then it was only her that could see
So this was ok as all was good that day
She knew this was her guardian angel
That has helped her home and made her make the right choices
As she thanked her she disappeared in to the sunrays

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