Monday, 28 May 2012

Shadows of Dance

Dancing amongst the stars
Throwing herself back
As if she was mars
Twinkling light did fill her

Hands flew behind
Pushed beneath her side
Lovingly she gave it her all
Moon struck dreams

She had a ball
Beautiful movements filled her soul
Figures of freedom
Joyless stroll

Imagination moving flight
Speechless crowd
Explosive night
Bathed breath
Held by all

As her beauty held them
Each one they did fall
In love with her performance
They were on their feet

Clapping her very talent discreet
She won them over
She captured the night
Glistening lady
Beautiful sight

Bowing down
She held her own
This was more love
Than she had ever known

Applauding cheers emptied the room
Alone again
Lying on the sparkling moon
As her shadows of then
Flew off and ran
Her memories stayed
She knew she had it made   

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