Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Shadows Play

Standing on the tree branch
As it was covered by falling creeping leaves
Tiny pieces tucked away
Underneath her shadows play

As she sat there staring at all around her
She wondered would her man ever come
Whispers of the forest did not scare her
She was as much a part of its wonders dispersed

Lightening bugs filled her hearts delight
Dancing mesmerizing scenes of fall
Enchanted by everything
This was her call

As the gold tunnel of colour
Filled her emptiness
Her lips waited patiently for him to kiss them
For him to hold her to caress

He did not come
She fell to sleep
Never to awaken
Never to be seen

If only he had come that night
Everything would have been alright
But as karma would have its wicked way
She could wait no more
Not even one more day  

Staring eyes
Dancing heart
Nature had taken her
Away from this man who was marked

She glides amongst the wilderness
By the light of the moon
The golden colour light
Had come far to soon

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