Saturday, 26 May 2012

Silhouette Skies

As she came in to the dark room
All she could see was a bare candle
She lit it up with her match
Then at the door there was a knock a scratch

He came in bowed to her
Told her what she wanted to hear
He always loved her
He wanted her near

As the moon lit sky
Captured her dazzling eyes
He held her in his
Big strong arms

He left that night
Off he rode
On his black horse or speed
He did not want to go but he agreed

The men came that night to take her away
They wanted her
She asked them to let her stay
Wanting her for themselves

Broken hearted she was
Been forced from her home
Shouting out leave me alone
Would he hear her
Would he come  

He did she had gone
It was too late
She left him a clue tied to the gate
Her ribbon that she wore in her hair

The one he gave her
When he first met her there
He followed the tracks
Of their selfish path

He never gave up
He never looked back
He rode all through out the night
Until early morning light

Until he finally came to where
He found her laying all alone
Brushing her hair from her cold fair skin
She gazed into his big brown eyes
They shared a grin
Riding off into the early suns morning rise
He had won her back
His lady of the silhouette skies  

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