Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Stamp my heart with Love

Looking down on her eyes
He stands over her as she speaks only to hear him say
Watch this hand of marvel and power
It is what stands between us and them
She reaches for his hand
As his heart is held by images of her smile and beauty

Let the rain fall
Let me tattoo my skin
Allow her to walk in her own way
Allow her to be alone today

Her path of words are followed by dreams of love
His feelings are followed by dreams of acceptance
She wants more than he can give
He wants her to give and give

Letting go he knows is what is right
He will not let this natural girl walk away
Without a fight
She has stamped his heart
He has won her smile from the start

As the hands of time move through stages of life
He sings out his emptiness
His powerless mind has given up
He will clip her wings
Set her free
Let her live
Let her be

She will cry while she walks away
She will wonder why no fight this day
Standing as tears fill her eyes
Knowing this is for the best
He plays the best cards
So as their hearts are torn in two
Separated by love who knew

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