Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Star Struck

As he whisked her away on horse back
She held on tight not looking
Her heart was racing
His was nicely pacing

He longed to show her all that he knew
He had waited for this moment
She never knew
As they rode up the purple hills
He was her love pill

She felt so safe as they rode through the river so low
The current was soft and gentle
His body ached for her touch
She grasped his scent of glow

He was her knight in shinning armour
She was flirty and a charmer
As they settled and he started a warm fire
She was so excited in his strength of manly might

They cuddled in close
By the nights moon lit sky
As spoke to each other in a way
Of wonder and excitement

They slept under the blanket of stars
As he lay down his cords of love
He sang gentle words of how he felt
She was lucky she was lying as her heart was softening

And her mind was a mushy melt
So spell it out in each star
Tell me of who you really are
I am the one who loves you
Who has admired you from afar

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