Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Tiny Wonders

Teeny tiny ladybird
Red with black spots
Small little legs
Hold on to my skin like pegs

Dangling on green leafs
Wondering and exploring
It is fascinating
Beyond belief

Spread out your wings
And fly away home
To the life of your wonders
To breath taking forlorn

Moving along the wooded forest
As light shines down on you
This must be like a jungle
To tiny little you

I remember putting my hand into
Mothers yellow round grown bush
Out came my fingers
Covered in ladybirds a rush

Many of them were red with black spots
While others were yellow
They barely had dots
But they left a lovely mark on me
Its was greeny yellow
And very runny

So as I wish you farewell
As you go on your way
Do come back and visit again
Another fine day

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