Monday, 7 May 2012

Treasures to Behold

As the rocks
Set themselves up against the tunnels below
Colours of gold and black
What does this treasure hold?

Set in columns of circles
In different sizes and shapes
Some look like they have faces
Of the past of the dead

As water is pushed against them
Wearing them away
Standing on the rocks of wonder
We wonder who we are

We wonder who built them
And what they are for
Why so many different formations
What are they?

So many questions
And very few answers
Amazed at each and everyone
People come from all over
To discover them here

As the steps go further almost out to sea
Imagine the men, women and children
Who stood here before
The Irish sea

Life would have been very hard
Especially back them
We now have cars and buses to bring us here
Not walking to much now
Compared to then

If these wonders of the world could speak
In a language of the few
I wonder would it be in gaelic
If only we knew

Of course they would
Sure the inlets run right in
As the visitors set off now
And they drink up the black and grin

Whiskeys on the table tops
Food is everywhere
But spare a thought
For the poor old ones
Who won and who had fought
In times of hardship and pain
They flew the flag again
When we cross the rocks we think of them
As we come here in our flocks 

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