Monday, 7 May 2012

Unspoken Feelings

Running away from what was before
Is so easy to do my dear
I can see through you
You’re so easy to make out
I can hear you calling me
I can hear you shout

But all I see it you’re moving lips and mouth
The times I wished you had just spit it out
Words left unsaid
You told me I had made my bed

As I pressed myself against your picture
Feelings are of a different mixture
Once I was warm and caring
Now I am cold and daring

The tides have turned
You burnt your fingers
You stood to close to the fire
You blew my heart out
My feelings went away
You are no longer my desire

Take time to know what you once had
Take time to be alone
I will no longer wait by the phone
Life moves on
So does my heart
I know you will regret
Tearing us apart 

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