Monday, 28 May 2012

Velvet Rose

Darkness of forest
Filled within itself
Her shadow of loneliness
Lost in a laneway of no help

Purple grounds
Lilac trees
Blackbirds scattering
Cold harsh breeze

Her dress was as white
As snow on a winter’s day
Her skin was as fair
Her dark hair hung down her back
Dry as hay

Lips as red as velvet rose
Courage embraced her lifeless pose
She walked as if she did not move
Almost hovering above ridges of groove

Tunnels of white
Turning light
Drew her in
With in her sight

As she walked away from the darkness
And birds screeched out to her
She promised she would return
When life of light did not excite her any more

She gathered up her skirt
As dirt fell from her feet
And vines made way for her entry
To a life of living so sweet  

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