Thursday, 31 May 2012

Voice of an Angel

Sitting on the wooden steps
Looking out to view
Time to have a break
To rest for a minute or two

She was always on the go
Never giving herself time
To take in all the surrounded her
To take time to relax

Lanterns hung on the side
Of her wooded cabin
That had velvet curtains
Hung inside

Wheels that held it up
Were of such great design
Generations before her
Had lived this life line

With layers of skirt that covered her
And embroidered shawl that lay over her guitar
As the lines of her hand tipped its strings
Out she comes
She begins to sing

With a voice of distinction
Like something of times before
Words that no one else has ever heard
Sure it did not matter
She was the only one there

As the northern light filled the air
It was like she was in a land
Of somewhere else
Some where no one had a care

Her blonde hair strummed the guitar
As her porcelain skin
Shines within
Her emerald green eyes
Matched the skies

As green and blue
And red and yellow too
Filled her heart with words
A voice of an angel
She was never lost for words

As the magic of the might
Overtook her stealing heart
She had to go back
To be the cabin woman again

She remains the story teller
Of the local community
Her voice of an angel
Her exotic beauty  

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