Saturday, 26 May 2012

Washed up Memories

White cabins of worn out memories
Was all they knew
Others who followed
Wouldn’t have a clue

Singing their song
As they walked along
Coming back to nothing
Not knowing where they belong

Wonders of time
That went by
Closing their eyes
As flash backs filled them up

All they can remember is hardship
As fields of gold replaced
Times of old
Working hard for what they had

Burnt out crops
Anything that was rescued they were glad
As the sun dried up all that they had done
No rain for weeks

It was almost gone
Then out of no where
Like miracles that be
Towering of droplets
Immersing like the sea

Rain it fell hard
They were all in the fields
Showering and shouting
Singing its praise

This was a day
When something wonderful happened indeed
When all that they had wished for
To help them grow their seeds

Wash away the weeds
Bring on the crops
Wash down the porch
With your haze of raindrops

Scurrying to shelter
In a run down old shed
Now they fell to sleep
They lay here in their beds  

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