Thursday, 10 May 2012

Who lies beneath

Here she fell
Here she lies
No one hears here terrible cries
She sends bubbles to the top
When all of a sudden they do stop

In a lake of cold darkness
In a lagoon of fear
No one knows that she is here
As another falls after running away from him
She is saved by courageous diving men

No memories of this day
Does she hold inside
He does his best to carry on
He does his best to hide

All his secrets of what went on
At this day so long ago
When she is walking around up stairs
She sees a mist of glow

It catches her mind
She ventures to see within
It warns her of this man
Of his mortal sin

She can not figure out
Exactly what is going on
She empties the bath once more
When a figure appears of she who is gone
On his return he finds her trying to connect with her
He rolls back his eyes
Unveils his disguise
She know this is true by what she sees

He paralyzes her body in a state of fear
He fills the bath up she can not scream
No feeling no one will hear
As water fills her very soul
The woman who appeared is watching her goal
He walks back in brushing her hair
When the woman he killed appeared from no where
He fell with the fright and banged his head
The floor was bloody
He looked dead

Lady in the bath was helped by her
To save her life she struggled with fight
He woke to try and stop her but only managed to see
They reached the bridge
And he drove them in deep into the airy waters
As she struggled to free herself
He covered her half unspoken cries
He had hardness in his smile
When from no where the mystery lady appeared
And released her from his grasp

She struggled free
She thanked the lady
He faltered away
As she did decay
And entered into her light
Like an angel of the night
It all now made sense
This lady fought such tragic circumstance
Helped her in her time of need
To prevent this man so cruel indeed

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