Thursday, 31 May 2012

Wild Inside

The wild lived within her
She craved for it some how somewhere
She wondered how she would fill this feeling
She was covered in its essence

Throwing her eyes to the moon
Her presence changed
From gentleness to strange
She was like a different lady in the night

She had two different identities in her sight
One was cool and calm
Gentle of face
Other was cruel and hard
Showing no emotion no care

Wildness took over her
As she danced in the moonlight
She took her wondering eyes
In to the dancing of delight

As the full moon peaked
This made her more extreme
Loosing control of her body
Like someone you have never seen

Men glared on
Women turned away
She didn’t care
She was really out there

As the night closed in
And tiredness filled her once again
Morning took over
She had no recollection no thought
She went about on her merry way
Smiling as she made it through
Her busy working day

But as night took hold
She dared to be bold
Lipstick of red
Shadows of moonlit fun to behold   

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