Monday, 7 May 2012

Wishing well

Looking at the empty water
I am a mere shell
Wondering will things change
For the better
You’re my magic mirror
Wishing well

Sitting here brings me peace
Thoughts of who I could be
Brings me hope
I want to wish hard for what I want
Want it to be the right choice

Searching my pockets for money of hope
Can not find it
What will I do now?
Now there it is my luck gone
My mind is like a an empty tunnel

As I sit down with hands on my eyes of worry
Wishing I could for once win
Cards were never dealt in my favour
When I look up there is a stranger

So bright is the light
I get a fright
A helping hand is giving to me
The penny drops
Down beside me
I pick it up
So shinny

I turn it for seconds and wish as hard as I can
I wish my biggest wish
I realise it has to come from within
To do what you want in life
Not to look for false hope
In a wishing well so bright

Make my way home
More positive than before
Knowing that when I open the door
I can wish some more 

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