Friday, 30 November 2012

Moving Mountains

Move those mountains
make room for light
open up your eyes to the sunshine
don't fill up with spite
your hurt and fight

Arms held out
fingers waiting to be touched
a pounding heart
wishing for love from the start
islands apart

Echoes of silence
waiting on words from the other
some new
some old
imagination very bold
dreams take hold

Milk me with all of you
fill her inside
make her feel new
turn her inside and out
feelings like never before
bringing her smile up off the floor

As his lips sing out those words
her ears hear all he has to say
milking her emotions
on that very significant day

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Removing the Blind

Feel the need
to fill the greed
leting in
leting out
on the ball
hearing the shout

Hairs on the back of her neck
pulling in place
all of her fears
bringing her almost to tears

Learning to stand her ground
as open mouth
shouted words
that did pound

Red faced
vein pulsing
anger in despair
emotions were high

Finally learning to stand back
watching what moves to take next
if the situation wasn't difficult enough
it was about to get more complex

Knowing that one day
the penny would finally drop
knowing all the pain and anguish
could be swept away like an old wet mop

Living every day in hope
knowing that it would finally come
that the truth would finally come to the fore
the lessons learned
like many of her before

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Saving Time

Where is the one
who longs to make me belong
where is the one
who wants to play me his song
where is the interest of my being
where is the eyes that keep on seen

Lingering smiles
smoldering longing
shoulders apart
some where else
where to start

Fly down
set me free
take hold of my
very soul
take hold of my hand
take hold and control

Whispering winds
passing by
words fly through the air
in disquise
giving something to rise

Saving time
where have you been
take me off my feet
do not hesitate
or over compensate

With sparkle smiles
leading the way
making something better
than yesterday
something to crave

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Hunger Games

Similarities there simply was none
opposites all over the floor
plain as the nose on your face
looking around the same place
hunger for just one taste

Eyes wonder
looking for something
looking for each other
turning around
wanting to be under the covers

Rolling movement
pushed deep down
emotions of old
emotions of new

Tongue barely licking his bottom lip
her lipstick really did the trick
close up
come to him
don't turn away
let someone in

Stop holding back
stop wanting to say no
lead by wildness in her heart
taming her would mean
dealing out all of his cards

Throwing them out for her view
approval would be something new
hot for her
him for her
sweet taste of lusting opposite clues

Saturday, 24 November 2012

The Truth about Love

Love clings to us
we cling to it
we can't let go
we can keep hold

Treasure the moments
with the ones
who you love
Treasure your sand in
your hour glass
before its gone

Words that come
words that go
words that slip from lips
words that hit the hearts arrow tips

Butterflies flutter
inside when you see
the one who is meant for you
your future maybe?


Live those feeling
learn from them also
feel them within you
let them guide you

Friday, 23 November 2012

Gentle Smile

Feeling like this before
hand placed on a closed shut door
push it open or leave it closed
what is on the other side
who knows

Knocking away at it
like a chissel
scrambling for shelter
looking at all the clues
feeling hurt and bruised

Waking up to light of new
never before feeling so much light
once walking in
the darkness of the night

Cover open up
let someone in
silence is daunting
it holds onto flesh
like a sin

Dark rolling skies
show his true disguise
show who he really is
show his beautiful lit up eyes

Smile that could light up a room
was once there
but gone to soon
loosing its air within
like a free falling balloon

His head hangs in disappointment
as if there is something to hide
but love is in his heart
hidden away deep inside

Let someone in
let them share
all that you have
all that is there

Glowing eyes
that capture each flutter of a heart
silence is broken
now you know where to start

How Deep is your heart

Loving lingering eyes on him
whispering wildness of lyrics
in every song she wrote
with deepness in her heart
as it hung in his favour
for he was her favourite flavour
moments like this
should be kept
should be favoured

Wild was she
like a wild thorn torn rose
gripping every inch
of his aching skin
cutting his heart deep within

Kissing her forehead
she hung her head on his shoulder
as his love became stronger
it just took hold of her
filling both of their wondering hunger
trying to fill the gaps
that lay like an isolated pathway

Ripping arms
with pumping veins
her arms were like his shackles
of reins
unable to let him go
her words seem to fall so slow
not wanting to let him off
as falling curls hit his empty pillow
where he lay no more
only emotions that were hard to let go

Rivers of roses
filled with scents
of him and his image
banks of lust
filling her mind
wilderness was in every inch of her mindset
secrets for so long she had kept

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Paradise Falls

Lake of wonder
make my soft gentle thoughts open up
just as you do
let them spread like wings of wonder
imagination of rolling thunder

Flashing ideas
flowing deep beneath my craving calms
lusting taste buds
thrusting themselves
against one another
like hungry wolves
growing like fresh sown bulbs

Flourishing away
setting food for thought
inspiring those who read
of my paradise
will want its secret ground
rolling waves
make even the strongest heart pound

Sand that gently finds it way
between my toes
over the hills where no body goes
more beauty beyond your wildest dreams
images that no one could paint
like rainbow beams

Paradise i hear you call me
im hungry for your grasp
holding onto my mind
adventure in my path

Thank You

Things to be grateful for
things to appeciate
loved ones in our lives
husband and wives
girlfirends and boyfriends
children and all
single ladies and men
keeping your eye on the ball

Spending time with those who matter
filling up with a plate we clear
washing it down
with wine and cold beer

Something sweet to fill our happiness
mothers running around frantically
cooking away their wares
food just seems to disappear

Fun and laughter fills each house
together at last
enjoying the music coming from the wall
hearing someone that is missing important phone call

Think for a family
that may not be so privilaged
to have any of this at all
no home, no roof to cover their head
no blanket to warm their tired bones

No food, no mother to make things right
no drink to stop their thirst
Nothing but an empty space
isolated in the human race
out of sight out of place

So look into the eyes of those
who you love
appreciate all that you have
while for some
this day may be one of sad

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Turn Right

Dont you worry
across the blue lake
she is the only girl in the world for you
her heart you would never want to break

Where ever you want to be together
her hips make your body ache
for your pulse races
across the blue lake

So push her buttons
push them well
make her want to
get you on the dance floor
dont let her take a break

She is a wild one
who loves to play your game
knowing her
your life will never be the same

As she is beggin you
to think about
what you would do her body
as you try to fight it to fight it
relax and get on your back

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Wake me up Inside

Come sit closer
let me feel your breath on my neck
kiss me so softly
give my soft lips a soft peck

Wake me up inside
put your hands in mine
undress me with your eyes
you are so fine

Biting the side of your lip
as thoughts run through your mind
imagination overload
heart beats out of time

Wanting lusting
craving at will
for you to gather me up
in your hands of still

Eyes that are brighter
than the sunshine of the day
sparkling like stars
shooting my fear away

Gather me up
in your strong arms of love
hold me to gently
enjoy my love

Saturday, 17 November 2012

How to Smile

What makes us wonder
what makes us look
what makes us understand
the deepest heart that gets struck

Open up your mind
open up your eyes
open up your world
dont get stuck

Wilderness all around
twinkling tingling heart pound
breathless voices
empty choices

Walking along the line
what was once there
is now in decline
fresh smell of pine

Hands held together
patience is on the run
smiling on as he watches her have fun
words written
he is smitten
curling up inside
his heart she has bitten

Friday, 16 November 2012

Hot Stuff

Come steal my thunder
come race my heart
come make it complete
make it start

Start it off
make it beat
fill in the gaps
make it complete

Drumming away
walking beside
open it up
make it glide

Smile fills my face
gasping breath you take
holding onto every word
take my breath away

Fluttering along
filling emotions good
just like a journey
of happiness you hot hot stud

Loving Hearts

Your running veins of living
Keep on giving and giving
beyond your loving heart
beyond your misgivings

Speechless words
fall on deaf ears
words that once meant something
now hurt causing tears

Open up your eyes
curve the edges of your mouth
speak only good
don't give in
don't give out

A wondering heart
pulled along for to long now
pounded by life
cuts deep like a knife

Veins of flowing living
following lifes wonders around
open surprises of yesterday
beautiful mesmerizing sounds

Backing up memories
hidden for far to long
loving the lyrics of music
hearing that favourite song

Moving on now
living pulling away
wondering what will happen
to the ghosts of yesterday

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Breaking Roadways

Swap your space
with someone else
leaving all you know in suspence

Consequence of what
you have left behind
wanting more then
were you blind

Blinded by the exchange
you felt inside
forfeiting your pathway
leaving the past behind

Behind the windows of yesterday
what really matters
is what is coming your
way this day

Open roadways
of not knowing
where each one goes
follow your heart
the beat that flows

Step outside the line
courage to enjoy, embrace
what life has to offer
soak it all within
your running veins of living

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Fluttering Hearts

Riding high
riding strong
wind in his hair
backing shadows we belong

Look on in approvement
look on in belief
knowing he was in her eyeline
nature so fine

Casting a curtain
of flowing fluffyness
breeze eases the squeeze
of capturing images
in a heat of degrees

Fast are the breaths
fast are the jolts
reigning him in
powerful pulling along the way

High is the excitement
high is the fun
somethings are just
suppose to be let run

A Stuck Generation

Not knowing whether or not
the government will fill
the student pot
Less grants
less help
leaving our future
helpless on an uneducated plot

Wanting to learn
to soak up what there is to learn
left stuck in limbo
not knowing where the money is going to come from

Yes the king has spoken again
bring in a system
that is sure to win
the hearts of the rich
leaving a print of our youth
off to new shores
nothing is bullet proof

Education torn away at the seams
leaving isolation
crying and screams
upset in their hearts
their future so grim
no jobs no voice
no smile to grin

Where does it stop
who knows
but they don't mind
stepping on the young peoples toes

Clamp them now
when they are down
tighten up the pockets
stuck in limbo
not knowing who wears the crown

Monday, 12 November 2012

Day Dreamer

Bring me an invisable cleaner
that does it all when i’m gone
Bring me an perfect chef
that doesnt cook anything wrong
Bring me a window cleaner
so when the curtains are drawn to clear
Bring me man in the night
who comforts away my fear
Bring me a warm sunshine
that heals the cold that grasps my skin
Bring me a magical shopping guy
that fills my food lust thrill
Bring me magic of all kinds
to do the jobs that i can sometimes not do
Bring me to my concious state
because i clearly live in Timbucktoo

Friday, 9 November 2012


Where he's gone
we did not know
phone calls and searches
nothing nothing did show

We tried all the avenues
all the resourses
available to us
we needed somthing
we needed a crutch

Looking for you
not know where you were
was so heart breaking
not knowing whether or not you
had been taking

Living in that country
beauty everywhere
but the stories the walls hold
they surely would scare

Page set up to find you
hoping for clues
searches never ending
when one day a new

Message with a contact
a number was there
from a wonderful man
whos help was so rare

I rang the number
your voice on the other side
angry excited and hurt
was the pain inside

Glad to know that you were okay now
hearing your voice was golden
after all that time had been stolen
smiling now it never stops
knowing that your alive and well
makes my heart beat pop

Wrap my arms around
when we will meet
until then a brother so dear
a brother so sweet

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Inner Circle

Oh my cirlce
its is so good
it protects me
it lets me live
nothing else is like it
it always wants to give

There for one another
through the good times
and the bad
knowing when the other
is feeling down and sad

Helping hands
there for the other to see
letting each other
be who they want to be

Stories exchanged
lives combined
friends for ever
even through the stormy weather

Circles can all come in different  sizes
big and small
protecting us and loving us
loving arms around us
and all

So let your circle in
let them know who you are
they will be with you for life
never needing you to set the bar

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Teasing the Wild

Wild man take me under
show me what you need
explore my inner being
show me how to please

Let your smile
lift me up
let your smile
take control

Of my very self
let it take hold
understand who i am
reach out for me

Wanting even more
than the person that you see
fruits and flavours excite
passion it ignites

Eyes that capture every beat
of a flutting heart
each one excited
by the words left so smart

Tracing lingering feelings
excited emotions of new
like a bolt of lightening
suddenly out the blue

Impressions of wonder
filling up the day
lingering imagination
teasing light night and day


I do not know my left from right
so who is your man today
who is the one to the winning post
i know who is my favourite to stand

I do not live within the land
that holds this all so dear
i only watch from afar
to hear the clues of despair

People have their voice
the paper they will mark
even after all the talking is done
the running wills will spark

Let the one who is to be there
do the job come what may
make sure you use your vote so well
on this presidential voting day

Its your right to have your say
which road to take
left or right
only you can come to that conclusion
its your given right

Monday, 5 November 2012


Hey what ya mean?
ur the best man i eva cene
let me know
wha you tink uf me?
quick oh quick
let ih b

Wish i told ya
all da time
would i b writing dis rhyme?
mayb ye ur so fine

Lol wha am i ta do?
wishing ih was me nd u
starry eyed
blushing cheeks
lol i melt when ya speaks

Lol oh how
u turn me on
leaving my heart
oh so warm lol

Sunday, 4 November 2012

' Just beneath an umbrella '

Under the cover
of a wet miserable day
watching the rain
pile on me as i sway

Sheltered by the cover
of increasing breathless smother
wanting for the gust to slow
to help me with my walking flow

Running for cover
a stranger falls underneath
'sorry can i? may i?'
'Yes of course'

Out of breath
a little hoarse
when really shaking from within
his smile melting my childish grin

What can happen
on a wet dull day
washing all the problems
of yesterday

Scent of a woman
scent of a man
under an umbrella
what a lovely plan

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Scary Silence

Whispering silence
filled the bare air
loosing you
the loss was so clear

Scared to the bone
your voice no longer there
no teaching ways
to guide the nights
filled stare

Stories once told
exchanged forward and back
the days of laughter gone now
the void the massive crack

Scary is the moment
knowing your presence is not
there anymore
no wondering
where you would explore

As the wind catches the breeze
pushes back the door
wondering is it you
that is moving it away

So as stars fill the night sky
i look for you up there
the brightest one of all
hope your having a ball
standing proud and tall

Friday, 2 November 2012

Moon Struck

Hanging in the sky
with white as crystal clear
like a snow globe in the sky
beautiful white you smear
Smiling winking back
with star dust all around
our eyes all look up to you
into your background
Astronaunts look on in wonder
have landed one or two
adventure on their backs
stuck to you like glue
Ice the cold that comes
you give off the cold frost breath
your our guiding light
in the still of the night
Position yourself in the skyline
in different places you are seen
but we all share your wonders
Crystlal ice prestine
So no matter what your face
sleeping or awake
we celebrate you appearing
Proctecting us the human race

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Matching Smiles

Stepping out both feet in place
her beauty made his mind race
as her image passed before his eyes
she was his affectionate surprise

Her smile made him
get weak at the knees
he wanted her to himself
he wanted to please

Wishing he had her
all to himself
knowing he had no courage
to take that step

Would they match
could he catch
her attention long enough
could he chat her up
with lines off the cuff

Scents of her
filled him inside
she walked up
as he seized his pride

His shy eyes fell to the floor suddenly
she was glad to have him in her company
her eyes locked in on his
as a smile crossed his face
their lust filled the room
oh what a beautiful chase