Friday, 23 November 2012

Gentle Smile

Feeling like this before
hand placed on a closed shut door
push it open or leave it closed
what is on the other side
who knows

Knocking away at it
like a chissel
scrambling for shelter
looking at all the clues
feeling hurt and bruised

Waking up to light of new
never before feeling so much light
once walking in
the darkness of the night

Cover open up
let someone in
silence is daunting
it holds onto flesh
like a sin

Dark rolling skies
show his true disguise
show who he really is
show his beautiful lit up eyes

Smile that could light up a room
was once there
but gone to soon
loosing its air within
like a free falling balloon

His head hangs in disappointment
as if there is something to hide
but love is in his heart
hidden away deep inside

Let someone in
let them share
all that you have
all that is there

Glowing eyes
that capture each flutter of a heart
silence is broken
now you know where to start

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