Friday, 23 November 2012

How Deep is your heart

Loving lingering eyes on him
whispering wildness of lyrics
in every song she wrote
with deepness in her heart
as it hung in his favour
for he was her favourite flavour
moments like this
should be kept
should be favoured

Wild was she
like a wild thorn torn rose
gripping every inch
of his aching skin
cutting his heart deep within

Kissing her forehead
she hung her head on his shoulder
as his love became stronger
it just took hold of her
filling both of their wondering hunger
trying to fill the gaps
that lay like an isolated pathway

Ripping arms
with pumping veins
her arms were like his shackles
of reins
unable to let him go
her words seem to fall so slow
not wanting to let him off
as falling curls hit his empty pillow
where he lay no more
only emotions that were hard to let go

Rivers of roses
filled with scents
of him and his image
banks of lust
filling her mind
wilderness was in every inch of her mindset
secrets for so long she had kept

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