Friday, 9 November 2012


Where he's gone
we did not know
phone calls and searches
nothing nothing did show

We tried all the avenues
all the resourses
available to us
we needed somthing
we needed a crutch

Looking for you
not know where you were
was so heart breaking
not knowing whether or not you
had been taking

Living in that country
beauty everywhere
but the stories the walls hold
they surely would scare

Page set up to find you
hoping for clues
searches never ending
when one day a new

Message with a contact
a number was there
from a wonderful man
whos help was so rare

I rang the number
your voice on the other side
angry excited and hurt
was the pain inside

Glad to know that you were okay now
hearing your voice was golden
after all that time had been stolen
smiling now it never stops
knowing that your alive and well
makes my heart beat pop

Wrap my arms around
when we will meet
until then a brother so dear
a brother so sweet

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