Friday, 23 March 2012

Another chapter from my story

I will show Him Hang on now has there been something happening while we have been gone they soon followed the noise and it soon came to them that they didn’t know everything that happened in the area as they had taught . Well what have we got here said Connor. WELL are ya raging you didn’t know what was happening. Look at you all red faced Connor said the girls. Well it’s not from what you’re saying he shouted out in his Alfa male voice. If you must know I have been training for my race in a few weeks time. Race what race replied his friends, shush he turned to them and said zip it or else go along with me. As he turned Mary was standing there what you mean shush your so sad Connor you know that don’t you. Call me what you like we will see whose sad when you’re done on that stage of a hill of yours we will she replied. As stubborn as each other they were neither would give in. Mary walked away with a smile knowing quiet well she would wipe that smile off Connors face very soon. So the girl’s practice away not paying any attention to the boys silly ways and bad behaviour. Soon parents followed to the field and children too, the excitement was amazing I remember it so well I was excited too even tough I wasn’t in it but maybe I would have my turn some day. But for now I would be happy to just sit there and listen learn and applaud. We all sat waiting for the show to begin and the atmosphere was alive with happiness as there wasn’t much to be happy about with the recession in full swing by now , but his was the girls well everyone’s night and no recession would spoil the way we felt this evening . The girls sang their hearts out and the dancing was brilliant. They covered everything from abba to Madonna one or two songs from a musical was also heard. So much effort was put into this evening and by the end of the night the crowd were on their feet clapping their hearts out. Just for a moment time stood still as if nothing else was happening around everyone and the feeling was good. The lads even were seen joining in and had no other choice as the girls just pulled them from their cosy bums to dancing with them and singing too. So the girls had the last laugh after all and Mary’s face was alive, Connors wasn’t he hiding it well but I seen a glint in his smile and eye that even he couldn’t deny for he caught me looking. Connor was always the hard one sure he had no choice in the matter.

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