Wednesday, 21 March 2012

I Believe it when we meet

Once there was a time When I did not understand I held you close I held your hand Holding onto your every word Trying to make sense of what you said But couldn’t quiet understand These words went over my head You were good at telling stories I didn’t know if you were right or wrong I only knew I loved to listen For your words sounded like a song Your eyes would open wide And actions sprung from your hands It all seemed so real to me Sure I was too young to understand You taught me well I listened close Even tough i knew you the most I could not tell of your sadness inside You were replacing it well by Telling your stories You could hide I wish you could have spoken to someone You could have confided But you were good at smiling through your pain Your pain like rain drops on the window pane Life with out you just is not the same I wish you were here to tell your stories With us once again

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