Wednesday, 21 March 2012

A Kings Claim

A king once lived near by He lived in his castle way up high His ginger hair cut neath and tidy His rather large feet would upset you if you could see them He spoke to his crowd He promised change and prosperity I will look after you and make the changes needed I wont take taxes I wont take jobs So the crowd voted him in And followed all his words He smiled through gritted teeth Oh look they believe every word I will get in and make my own stamp I will collect taxes and take over the banks I talk away getting lost in my own words Ah sure I know im away with the butterflies and the birds I promise the parties that are front of me To reassure the public that I can exchange Your freedom and your voice Your valuables and your lives I will take your money for houses you live in I may even tax your wheelie bin If you do not pay I will find a way Of getting your details Maybe even check through your emails Data protection what good is that When the king of the land Wants to take all this vat Sipping his milk wiping his whickers like a cat He cant stop now he has to go on and chat He is making relationships abroad you see And making enemies in his own country Ah sure his own will be fine No jobs no hope no light One thing the people have is their right And are not blind they have excellent sight

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