Thursday, 29 March 2012

Looking from the outside In

It is amazing how in life you can feel like you do not belong
You may feel awkward, maybe not feel strong
You stand alone lost in the crowd
Head hung low, not standing proud

Others may pass you
They may be loud
This is where you get lost in a cloud
The confusion of where do you fit in

While standing there wondering
You bare it and grin
Looking around for company
Missing out on the chat and the cup of tea

Isolating has filled you bones and your mind
Your perimeters your existence you have left it behind
Turning your back on the critics you see
Your just trying to get by in life

It is like looking through a story of someone elses life
Like looking through the story book
Wondering when it going to be your turn
To stand up and show the world

This is who I am
Your equally as important
Let your voice be heard
Don’t stand in the darkness
Don’t hide away from the light

Show your true colours
Don’t be scared do not fight it
We are all beautiful in our own way
We deserve to have happiness
Not live locked away

Stand tall stand proud
Be the best you can be
Just be yourself and no one else
Let the world see
Your talents and your wonderful smile
Be who you want to be

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