Friday, 30 March 2012

One last project

As i look at all that I have done
And the work that has come from me
I can hardly believe this year has past
It has flew by you see
I remember starting my course in college
Nerves filled my scared body
I did not know what to expect
I was worried i wouldn’t understand you see
I suppose afraid i wouldn’t get my work correct
The first few weeks were hard
As time went by
So did i the work i had done
Was second to none
Learning about the mind and body
Is a task in itself
No one can teach you these skills
Not even a book on a shelf
I picked it up even tough i was scared
Put pen to paper and the work we shared
As my course is just about finished
And new friends that i have made
Will stay fresh in my mind and life experiences
Of how my life has changed
I understand more about the things around me you see
Looking back i think i am
Looking at a whole new me

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