Sunday, 11 March 2012

Pathways of the heart

When life gets you down
And nothing seems to make sense
Reach out to those who need you
Don’t hang your head in suspense

Let them help you when times are hard
Open up your heart and your mind
Allow them to love you more
Allow them to be good and kind

Always smile in times of hardship
And cry in times of sad
Never let some ones words
Destroy the person who is you

Embrace your kindness and worthyness
You are the most priceless commodity in life
Fill your steps in life with memories
And pave the pathways of your heart

Let your mind be open
Let your mouth use words left unspoken
Let yourself be you
Allow the world and the people to know you

Do not shy away from what you want
Get what it is you want in life
Don’t worry about things that insignificant
Be yourself only different

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