Thursday, 29 March 2012

What’s on your Mind

No one explain why I feel sad
No one can tell me why I cry
Sometimes I do not
Other days I can not stop

My mind it rolling around in my head
When I go to sleep
I toss and turn until my legs go dead
And my face is red

So I sit up staring at the clock
Wondering could I move the hands along tick tock
The more I look at it the slower it goes by
My eyes are all watery
I don’t know why

Feeling like I can not go out the door
Isolated stranded life is such a bore
I pace up and down the floor
Where a pattern once was
I have worn it out so much you see
From walking up and down

I smoke a cigarette or two just help my nerves
My hands they shake so much
These fags are my only crutch
Wish I could knock them on the head
Smelly and stinking to touch

Some days I feel optimistic
I feel I will get strong
While other days I know I am so wrong
Not able to move myself from my bed
Lying here with thoughts
Running like an express train through my head

If it could send a message it would say
Hope your feeling better today
Not to worry or feel scared
Not to shut myself away
And go and shave my beard

I haven’t washed in days
This is who I have become
Lying in my own upset
Has my tear drops running down my face

I know I will be strong again
I have something no one can take away
My memory of when I was happy and proud
No one can take it away

So for now I will lye here and hope
As I look at this man I once knew
And hope I will meet him again
Then I can have my life back once again

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